Dermakey Plus






Cosmetics today have different purposes.
Todayʻs modern cosmetics are more focused on the outer ap-pearance: looking younger even in old age. High quality and ef-fective care products are developed to improve outer beauty. Nature therefore built strong defenses for us. Special protective layers and physiological acid mantle is the organism mostly for immediate penetration of substances into the deep subcutane-ous layers and protection of connective tissue.

With the dermakey from past to future
With dermakey, a new principle of beauty and cosmetics has been developed: Via external application, the special key technology works deep within the tissue. The result: Healthy beauty arises from the inside out. Healthy processes are acti-vated in the metabolism of connective tissue, subcutaneous tissue and skin The goal: less wrinkles, soft skin, radiant  fresh-ness and youthfulness in your face.

Revolutionary Technology - for ten years,
dermakey has been revolutionizing the world of cosmetics
Dermakey has its origins in medicine and works via electric pulse technology, which physical therapists and doctors have supported since 2002. Amateur and professional athletes have come to appreciate this treatment idea. They have been using the fascinating key technology for years to quickly and effective-ly treat sport injuries. Even orthopedic symptoms and patients with skin diseases, gynecological disorders and internal diseases have been treated by thousands of therapists in clinics and doc-tors offices with some amazing successes. In just a short matter of time, astounding treatment successes were achieved. Via the unique impulses, the bio-physical and bio-chemical processes are activated within the body, causing internal healing to occur.

Dermakey+ is wellness,every day!

Finally, with your own cosmetics Turn your bathroom into a spa. Treat yourself to a few minutes a day, in which you only think about yourself. The bioregulative impulses will produce a holistic effect in your body, the influence of which you clearly feel. In addition, you activate the ion flow and thus the absorption capacity of your cosmetics through the skin. And best of all, you do not need to purchase specially-tailored cosmetics. The key phorese also uses the ionic properties of your own creams and lotions. Treat yourself to high-quality products to optimize your skin care. We are happy to recommend preparations which we consider suitable.

Treatment objectives

  1. Less wrinkles specially with using antiaging creams or serums.
  2. Soft fresh skin.
  3. radiant and freshness in face.


  4. treats Cellulite with using anticellulite creams and lotions.

The Dermakey+ Action

Is unique by your combination.

1.The biofeedback pulse detects the skin's resistance by constantly measuring the skin resistance, where your skin has different properties. At this point the dermaKEY often remains easily liable. Thus, areas identified then point to a particularly accessible location.

2.Then the cream therapy works: 
The creams, ointments, lotions and other cosmetics can be applied to the areas so exposed. The ionic currents will absorb the essential, charged substances of your cosmetics faster and more intensively.

3. The conclusion is once again the bioregulation therapy by the unique biofeedback pulse, which stimulates both the effect in the local connective tissue as well as the holistic, neural effect.

Dermakey is used for:

Wrinkles in the face, neck, and chest Crowʻs feet
Bags under eyes
Upper and lower lip wrinkles
Additional treatment for acne and cellulite.